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Classic Format

Traditional Master Class format will be used. Selected vocal students will come to class with or without their accompanist to perform a song for Jane Monheit so she may work with each person individually to answer questions and give feedback on how to improve the specific piece with focus on style and interpretation. (2-3 hours)

Duo Format

Class is designed in two parts: Jane Monheit working with vocal students as described above and Michael Kanan, professional pianist working with piano students. Michael will focus on introductions, endings, styles of duo accompaniment (stride, walking bass, implied bass, and combinations), use of space, Rubato, playing / interpreting verse, sources for learning songs, sheet music v. lead sheets, consideration of the lyrics with a comprehensive emphasis on accompanying singers. After groups have worked separately with their respective professionals, the vocalists and pianists will be brought together and paired up to perform a piece. Suggestions will be given to accompanists on how to meet the expectations of the vocalists while the vocalists will be given suggestions on how to communicate with the accompanists strengthening the skills of both to work with one another. Session ends with a couple of duo selections performed by Jane and Michael. (2-3 hours)

Ensemble Format

Class is an expansion of the duo format to include guitarists, bass players, and drummers with all participating in the accompanist section of the workshop with Michael Kanan, joined by Jane’s drummer, Rick Montalbano and Jane’s bassist, Neal Miner. In the second part of the class, ensembles will play together for vocalists with the focus on accompaniment techniques. (2-3 hours)

Audition Format

This class format invites singers to come learn the love of auditioning and receive constructive feedback in preparation of an audition song. Guidance will be provided in song selection, presentation, style, stage presence, song endings and signature songs. The class will focus on perfecting the audition technique and improving the comfort level of vocalists in audition situations. (2-3 hours)